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Singapore Airshow 2020


Enjoy unlimited data at affordable rates in Singapore
and globally when you book a Yogofi travel wifi router!

Promotion Promo Codes

1 day Passes (SGD 8): AIRSHOW1

14 day Passes (SGD 69): AIRSHOW14

90 day Passes (SGD 139): AIRSHOW90

Pick Up Options

Within Singapore: Free delivery to hotel (next day delivery) OR Collect from the Yogofi counter at the Singapore Airshow 2020

Outside of Singapore: International delivery (takes about 5 business days) to your home or office at SGD20


1. Download App
Download the Yogofi Mobile App
and sign up for an account
(first time users only).

3. Collection/Delivery
Collect the Yogofi device from the selected
or have it delivered to you.
1. For self-collection, scan the device ID
at the back and tag it to the Order ID.
2. For delivery, the device will have already
been added and plan subscribed.

2. Reserve Yogofi
Place an order to reserve a Yogofi
device. When renting a device,
remember to key in the Promo Code
to enjoy a special promo with us.

4. Setup & Travel
Ensure your device is fully charged
before travels. Turn on Wifi on your
mobile and connect with the
network name and password
behind the device.


1. Return Yogofi via return
mailer bag

If you had received the device via delivery,
pack the device in the return mailer bag that
came with the package and drop it in any
SingPost mail box at Changi Airport.

2. Return Yogofi to the Yogofi
Counter at the Singapore
Airshow 2020

If you had collected the device from
the Yogofi Counter, return the Yogofi
device to the Counter. Scan the QR
code at the location to complete the
return of Yogofi device.


*Terms and Conditions

  • The promotion dates is from now until 29 February 2020.
  • Promo Codes are only applicable for new orders for travel dates from now until 29 February 2020.
  • Only one promo code can be used for each order.
  • Minimum spend requirement is S$10.
  • Day rates are based on Singapore time 0000hrs to 2359hrs.
  • General terms and conditions apply.



How much is it for damaged or lost devices and/or accessories? How will I get charged?

A damaged or missing pocket WIFI is chargeable at S$200, USB cable at S$20 and power adaptor at S$20. The charge will be
processed by Yogofi through the credit card, which was provided upon registration of your Yogofi account.


Do I have to enter credit card details to use the free mobile data?

Yes. The credit card details is held securely by Yogofi as a guarantee against damage or loss of the device.

Please read the terms and conditions of use before agreeing to the usage.

Do I have to end the plan?

It is recommended that you click end plan in Yogofi app when you are not using it anymore.

If I am making a day trip, will the mobile data still work?

Most likely! Our pocket WIFI partner, Yogofi, has wide coverage in our neighbouring countries and more.

Please find out if the area you are visiting is covered here.

How long can the battery life last for the pocket WIFI?

On a full charge, it can last up to 15 hours.

How many devices can I connect to the device?

You can connect up to 5 devices at one time. After a one-time registration, the password for the device will be

revealed in the app. Use the same password to connect your other devices.

Is there a contact I can reach for any other enquiries?

Use the Yogofi app and click the support button that is readily available on the home page.