What is Fair Use Policy?

Having unlimited data to stay connected has become a necessity these days. Find out what is Fair Use Policy and how it will affect your Internet connection experience.

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Clarice Tan
Holi, India

Holi is as much a festival of fun, frolic, colours and merry making, as it's a celebration of everything that's lively and youthful. However, health must never be compromised for the sake of fun. Indian festivals are diverse and it's a joy to partake in every single tradition and custom related to them- Holi is no exception to this.

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Tips for the best weekend with your family

You don’t have to satisfy your hunger for thrill and fun outside of Singapore. Take family trips to the next level here in this sunny green garden city! In the rush of things, we totally get that school can be taxing and work can be demanding at times. Here is a range of ideas to let off steam with your loved ones.

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