What is Fair Use Policy?

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Check out our coverage of over 100 countries.

If you love to be always on your favorite apps, and want to post your travel photos, videos or go live streaming when you travel, you’ll definitely appreciate unlimited mobile WiFi data. Many pocket WiFi providers advertise Pocket WiFi rental plans with "Unlimited Data". Read the fine print and you’ll see the term Fair Use Policy (FUP). In simple terms, FUP means a data cap or fair-use limit, say 500MB, this differs from provider to provider. Therefore it is an important question to ask what the data cap is.

Ads referred it as "Unlimited Data" because technically, once the data cap is reached, you will still be accessing the Internet but will experience a much, much slower Internet connection. The drop in speed leads to a frustrating experience during your trip; say goodbye to Facebook, Instagram and video streaming!

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Clarice Tan