Why is a Yogofi Pocket Wifi better than SIM Cards?


The hassle-free unlimited data plan that comes with our device, enables our customers to truly enjoy their holidays and not have to worry about buying sim cards or restricting themselves to the few GB they have with their sim cards.

- Kelvin See, Founder, Yogofi

What is a  Yogofi pocket WIFI ?

A pocket wifi works similarly to your wireless router at home. When switched on, it creates a wireless hotspot which anyone in the vicinity can connect to, assuming they have the password.

Unlike your wireless router at home, the pocket WIFI fits in your pocket, doesn’t require any setup, cables or installation, and works seamlessly over the world. Simply switch on and connect.

Can you buy a portable Yogofi WIFI router ?

Most certainly ! We have running offers for our device and you get an extra -15% off on all your data plans. You can either purchase it through our Lazada site or on our homepage.

How does the portable Yogofi pocket WIFI work ?

The pocket wifi uses a patented virtual SIM technology to allow seamless connectivity all over the world. When you power up the pocket wifi, it will automatically figure out which country it is in, and choose the best network operator for you. It will then connect to the data network of that operator.

Can I use a regular Sim for my Yogofi pocket WIFI ?

No, this is not possible, as our device only works with our hardware and should not be modified if one wishes to enjoy our services.

Data roaming was never easier than with our device. No need to alter the  APN (Access Point Name) or change any settings in your phone, as several sim cards require you to do to activate data. The only thing you need to do is turn on the device, connect to it and off you go!

Compared to the old practice of using sim cards, our innovative device is more efficient in terms of roaming costs and money saving, as it eliminates any extra charges that your Telco company could charge you with. Also your mobile number will not change, meaning that apps which rely on your original number will still work and you can easily use them while being abroad.You won't even need to use a VPN if you are planning to travel to China, it is as easy as that. Meaning that you can access all of your favorite websites and apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google etc.

Simlocks can be an issue when you try to insert a foreign sim card into your phone which runs under a contract. Yogofi counteracts this by its simplicity in use and virtual sim technology.

A sim card is only good for one person to use, while on the other hand our Yogofi device can be shared with up to 5 people, ensuring maximum friendliness and compatibility for families or travel groups and business travellers that carry several devices. Another benefit would be that one way plastic will be reduced and therefore helping our planet.