Stay Connected On The Go

Roaming can be expensive and we all know we can’t live without our phones so here are some tips to getting that precious WiFi when abroad!

1. Rent a portable WiFi device


With portable data on the rise, chances are that it’s easy to find a station at your local airport or in your neighbourhood that you can rent from. If you’re thinking of exploring parts of a country outside the city or heading on a trek, be sure to get WiFi just in case. Our favourite? Well, the Yogofi x1 of course! We dare not leave the country with our trusty portable travel wifi device which ensures us staying connected on the go.

2. Purchase a local SIM card


If you’re the type to carry light, purchasing a local SIM card is the easiest option to get convenient data. SIM card plans are not the bad data plans they once were and these days, they offer a lot more data than what your own data provider back home can give. Depending on the country you go to, purchasing a SIM card at the airport may or may not be cheaper than in the city so make sure to do your research before you put your money down.

3. Ask for WiFi at a cafe


Most cafes or restaurants now offer free WiFi if you find yourself at one during your trip. If you see that it’s password access only, be sure to ask for the password as some places won’t advertise that you’re able to use their data.

4. Internet Cafes

Business People hangout together at coffee shop

If you’re looking to sit down in front of a computer to get some work done or to video call home, you might want to check out some internet cafes! In the heart of every neighbourhood or city, there will be a few internet cafes that will allow you to pay by the hour in exchange for internet and a computer if you’re not planning to bring a laptop with you.

5. International SIM Cards

Business people using their phones

International SIM cards are a lot different from local ones. It offers the same services and options as local SIM cards but don’t make the mistake of buying these if you aren’t travelling across a few countries at a time! International SIM cards are a great option if you find that you won’t be able to find time in buying local SIM cards at each country you stop in. For example, if you’re travelling across remote parts of different countries and don’t think you’ll be able to stop by a shop to get a local SIM card, international SIM cards are your best bet.

It’s so easy now to get connected to your loved ones or to check your email but make sure to look up from your phone once in awhile when you’re overseas though! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing sights there.