How To Choose The Right Travel Insurance

Ah, travel insurance. Finding the right one at the right price is always a challenge before leaving for an adventure but we’ve rounded up some important tips when deciding that would be essential should anything happen!

1. Check the flight cancellation coverage


Having your flight cancelled on you can be disastrous and having nowhere to stay for the night can be even more stressful. Always check what the reimbursement is like on different travel insurances and importantly, how much you’d get so that you can book an accommodation for the night if you ever need to.

2. Injury coverage


If you’re planning to participate in some outdoor activities, always check if this is covered by your travel insurance. There are many insurances that don’t cover this and you can end up paying more on your holiday. Even if you’re not an outdoor kind of person, having that option covered is always a good idea!

3. Coverage on lost baggage


The worst thing that can happen when waiting at the luggage conveyor is realising that your baggage hasn’t arrived and that the airline has lost it. In the unlikely case that this happens, having that extra cash to go out and buy yourself a fabulous new wardrobe in a new country is always a welcome option!

4. Reimbursement for camera equipment


Camera equipment is expensive and losing them can be painful especially if your insurance doesn’t cover the loss, If you’re planning on bringing camera equipment with you, make sure you check how much the coverage is and only bring along equipment that you need. Don’t check in any of them and hand carry your precious cargo with you so that if you lose anything, you’d ensure that the ones lost can be covered in your plan.

5. Loss of passport


Your passport is the most important document that you need to keep with you when you travel. What happens when you lose it or when it’s been stolen from you? Travel insurances are your best bet to recovering them with your coverage. Check how much your plan insures you for your lost and/or stolen documents so you don’t have to spend a ton when you’re arranging to procure new ones.

6. Liability for harm or damage you might cause overseas


Being in a country that you might not necessarily understand its language is bound to land you in misunderstandings once in awhile. We don’t think you’re there to cause trouble but If this leads to accidents that you didn’t mean to happen, you will be grateful for the insurance you’ve paid before the trip as this will help cover up to a certain amount of damages should you find yourself in hot water unable to pay for a huge amount of damages.

So safe travels and always get yourself insured. You’ll thank yourself.