Travel Packing Tips for Warm Weather

You’re going to the tropics and we all know you want to look cute at the beach. You’re packing your luggage but very soon, you’re bringing 10 outfits, 6 swimsuits and 4 bags for a 4-day holiday. We know it happens and we’ve got some tips for you not to overpack this holiday.

1. Decide where you’re going for the trip


Deciding where you’d be visiting and planning what to dress for that can be extremely helpful. If you know you’d be laying out on the beach for at least 2 days, bring a cover up for your swimsuit. If you know you’ll be shopping, do you really need 2 other cover ups? Choose your locations and research on what they’ll provide so you don’t have to bring extra!

2. Choose your bag wisely


If you know you’ll be walking a lot or if you need more space but you’ll also be out at night, choose a bag that can fit all your needs but still have you looking good. No one likes to lug around a bag that is inconvenient.

3. Sun block


You heard us! Never leave home without this in tow. It might feel alright for a couple of days but once you start peeling and becoming burnt, your skin won’t thank you if you didn’t apply any sun block.

Pro Tip: Getting a proper tan

If you’re planning on spreading out under the sun for long hours at a time, make sure that your sunblocks and spray sunblocks are properly rubbed out on your skin. We’ve all heard the nightmares about getting a streaky sun tan from sunblock that hasn’t been spread out properly so make sure you get a friend to help just in case!

4. Invest in mosquito repellent


Take it from us, if you’re planning on spending your evenings at the beach make sure you protect yourself from angry mosquitoes especially sandflies. These tiny insects will come out in the evenings especially after a rain and their bites will leave you itching for weeks after. Don’t make the mistake of staying there even after they bite you as the chemicals they release after biting invites more sandflies to you even after they’re gone.

5. Aloe Vera


Making sure you don’t get a sunburn and have painful days looking like a lobster should be a priority to you! Look out for red patches of skin and skin tightness. If you’re feeling any of these two warning signs, make sure you put plenty of aloe vera on those areas and shower in cold water for the next few days.

Your holiday in the sun should feel like a breeze and not an inconvenience. Choose what you bring wisely and don’t bring too much or you’ll end up lugging a 25kg baggage around an island.