What to Pack For Cold Weather

When travelling to a cooler destination, the one thing on our minds is to always keep warm. Packing and planning when you need to layer your outfits can be a chore so we’ve rounded up a few easy pieces that you can throw into your luggage and re-wear for most of your outfits.

1. Uniqlo Heat Tech


These bad boys are the perfect thin insulation pieces you need for a cold destination! We’ve heard that it only protects you up to a certain temperature though so be sure to pack more layers or a good coat if you’re expecting the temperature to dip.

2. Tight-knitted Wool


We’ve all heard that wool is a great material for the cold but did you know that the closer the knit of the wool, the better it is for a lower temperature? Stick to tighter threads for when the temperature goes down and opt for looser ones if you aren’t expecting such a low dip.

3. Puffer Jackets


Puffer jackets may not be the most fashionable jackets we can wear but it sure will do the job of keeping us warm. If you’re caught in the peak of Winter and you need an extra layer of warmth, this jacket is our go to.

4. Heat Packs


Not looking forward to wearing 4 layers at a time? Invest in some heat packs that you can hide under your knits! We recommend up to 2 packs at a time but up the quantity if you find that you need extra warmth when the temperature plunges. These little but very useful packs are amazingly warm during the winter and they can be found online or in your local drug store.

Pro Tip: Don’t place these packs directly on your skin but on the first layer of clothing you wear as these are so warm that they might cause some skin burns.

5. Hot Water Bottles


When it’s time to get warm and toasty at night in your room, the best thing besides a fireplace is to get a hot water bottle! These helpful bottles are great for keeping you warm if your room is too cold for you and are easy to hug to bed. You can find these easily at any drug store or supermarket.

6. Hot Water Flasks


The last thing you want in Winter is to drink something that isn’t warm. Hot water flasks are a great way to keep water hot or warm throughout the day so that you can keep yourself hydrated and warm even when you can’t find water.

Make sure to do loads of research like what the lowest temperature of your destination is, what the wind speeds are, altitude and you should know what to pack!