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Yogofi is proud to partner with Dynasty to provide data services to you! Customers who travel with Dynasty gets complimentary data. For just SGD2/day, you can upgrade your data to unlimited data, simply subscribe for unlimited data via the Followjane Travel/ Yogofi Travel App. Here’s how!


How Yogofi Pocket Wifi Works

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1. Sign Up

Register an account with us via the Followjane Travel/ Yogofi app. In the event that the device is lost or damaged, SGD200 will be charged to your credit card. There will not be any usage charges made to your card.

2. Add your device

Scan the QR code found at the back of your device to add the device to your account. Once added, tap on the device that is now shown on your screen, subscribe to the data plan that you require under “Available Plans”. We offer Global Unlimited plan at SGD2 per day.

3. Configure WIFI

Search for the network name and enter the password found at the back of the device.

4. Return Device

Return the device to your tour guide or request a return via the app.


We know you love to stay connected

The Yogofi x1 is the ultimate travel pocket wifi router.
Enjoy high speed 4G LTE mobile connectivity in over 100 countries! 

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Yogofi x1

Flexible Price Plans
Data plans that suit your requirement from $2/day.

Only pay for data that you use. Service will only be billed if there’s usage.

Compact Devices
A convenient pocket-sized device that you can bring wherever you go!

Virtual SIM Technology
Connect to local operators with best in class service without SIM cards.

Long-Lasting Power
Up to 15 hours of usage with a single charge.

Connect up to 5 devices with one pocket wifi.