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Home-Based Learning for Students

Happy Learning!


We are glad to be identified by you to help play our part to help the educators and students continue their learning journey at home amidst this COVID-19 Pandemic. Email us at to enquire more.
Yogofi is happy to provide a way for students to be able to subscribe for wifi from the Yogofi App by using the following promo code:


  • High speed yet low cost data for your connectivity requirement with just a portable wifi device that provides you immediate activation and unlimited internet data
  • Unlimited Data Access for just a single flat fee, no excess usage charges
  • 24 x 7 Support team to assist in any queries

Affordable package

Monthly Plan

HomeBasedLearningUnlimited @$32/mth

Contact us if you need any pricing information or customized solutions by completing the form below


1. Download App
Download the Yogofi Mobile App
(first time users only).

2. Reserve Yogofi
Sign up for an account and key in
the promocode: HBL when reserving
a Yogofi device.

3. Collection / Delivery
Choose either the pickup / delivery options
when reserving a Yogofi device.
1. For self-collection, scan the device ID at the
back and tag it to the Order ID.
2. For delivery, the device will have already been
added and plan subscribed. Collect the Yogofi
device from any available pickup location.


4. Setting up
Turn on Wifi on your mobile and
connect with the network name (Yogofi-XXXXX)
and password behind the device.



1. Return Yogofi via return mailer bag
If you had received the device via delivery,
pack the device in the return mailer bag that
came with the package and drop it in any
SingPost mail box.



2. Self-Return
If you had collected the device from the pickup
locations, return the Yogofi device to the
return location you have selected.
1.Scan the QR code at the back of the device.
2. then scan the QR code provided by the return
location to complete the return of Yogofi device.


* Terms and Conditions for Home-Based Learning

  1. A pro-rated payment will be paid via the credit card registered on the app for the 1st of next month and subsequent monthly payment will be billed to the same card on the first of each month and part thereof.
  2. The data is applicable only for usage in Singapore.
  3. The data will be provided using the Yogofi pocket wifi device.
  4. The device will be delivered within 3 business day after order confirmation. $5 delivery charge applies for next day delivery.
  5. Fair use policy applies for Unlimited Data package, 3GB daily will be on high speed, managed speeds thereafter.
  6. The promotion is available only during the COVID19 Pandemic and valid until 31 August 2020. It can be extended based on the situation after. The Usual Price is $59/month.
  7. To return the device, pack it in the mailer bag provided and drop it into the SingPost mailbox.
  8. The promotion is strictly for students only.
  9. The loss or damage to the Yogofi pocket device will be charged to the school at $200 per device.