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Unlimited Data

Temporary &
Instant Broadband


Whether you’re working from home, remote learning or simply needing to connect with
loved ones on video chats, we’re here for you.
As a leading portable Wi-Fi solutions provider, we know how important it is to be
connected. Let us help you stay in touch with your family, friends, school and work
through challenging times.
We’re offering two monthly unlimited mobile broadband plans to suit your data
requirements. No contract. Get in touch with us if you require a customised solution.
Yogofi uses Virtual Sim Technology which connects you to the best telco in your area. When
there is a major outage on a telco’s network, you will be switched to the next best telco,
so you’ll not experience total outage. Activation is instant and hassle free, no messy and
expensive installation required. Place your order now on the Yogofi App.

* Terms and Conditions

  1. Sign up on the Yogofi app, and enter the credit card details in your wallet under your profile. The first payment will be via this credit card.
  2. The service start date and end date can be indicated while ordering on the Yogofi App. A minimum order of 1 month is required. Extension can be made using the Yogofi App.
  3. The promotion is valid for new orders only.
  4. The data is applicable only for usage in Singapore only.
  5. Fair use policy applies. Under the Unlimited Basic plan, the plan provided will be 5GB will be on high speed daily, thereafter unlimited data at 256kbps per month. Under the Unlimited Extra plan, 10GB high speed daily, and thereafter unlimited data at 256kbps per month.
  6. The data will be provided using the Yogofi pocket wifi device.
  7. To return the device, pack it into the mailer bag and drop it into the SingPost mailbox or return it to any of the return locations:
  8. The loss or damage to the Yogofi pocket device will be charged to the customer at $200.