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How to Avoid Network Congestion during WFH?

As they say, every challenge brings a new opportunity and all we need to do is to grab it for a better world. The pandemic called COVID-19 too brought an opportunity for businesses. From the day the first COVID-19 case […]

A detailed guide to renting a Singapore pocket WiFi for 2020

  If you are visiting Singapore for a business or a leisure trip where you need the internet connection to conduct business meetings or drafting emails or for posting family photos on Instagram or do WhatsApp calls to your family […]

Beaching out in Indonesia

When you think of beaches and Indonesia, your mind would automatically think of Bali, and you wouldn’t be wrong! Bali has some beautiful beaches with good waves, and even better sunsets.


Japan always steals the spotlight from March till May for their annual Cherry Blossoms, and while the country has thousands of sakura spots, these are some of the best spots to see them in all their glory.


The Japanese are extremely polite and welcoming, but many travelers going to Japan worry about accidentally offending them by saying or doing the wrong thing. Here are a few basic tips that will save you from a public correction or a few judgmental stares during your upcoming Sakura trip!